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orangeade n : sweetened beverage of diluted orange juice

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or*ange-ade OHR-inj-eid


orange + -ade


  1. A soft drink or a soda with an orange flavour.
  2. A mixture of soda water and orange juice.
  3. Orange juice, see also orange.


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Orange soft drinks (called orangeade in UK, orange fizzy or orange soft drink in Australia and orange pop or orange soda in certain regions of the US) are carbonated orange drinks. One which does include real orange juice (11%) and orange pulp is Orangina.
(Note that the phrase 'orange soft drink' in the UK is associated mostly with still 'orange squash' and that the carbonated drink is always 'orangeade' or colloquially 'fizzy orange'.)
Orange soft drinks (especially those without orange juice) often contain very high levels of sodium benzoate, and this often imparts a slight metallic taste to the beverage. Other additives commonly found in orange soft drinks include rosin and sodium hexametaphosphate.
Orangeade first appeared as a variety of carbonated drink provided in soda fountains in American drugstores in the late nineteenth century, brands including Miner's and Lash's. A recipe for home made Orangeade appears in editions of Fannie Farmer's cookbook.

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